Locations for establishing factories and research facilities


Subsidies for the Promotions of Establishments in Tokushima Prefecture


Features of the nationally top-class subsidy system of Tokushima Prefecture


       ●Subsidies for new construction and expansion (subsidy up to 1.5 billion yen, subsidy rate up to 20%)

       ●new local employers (700,000 or 400,000 yen per person)

       ●No limits on amount or number of subsidies per plant




Project for the promotion of LED-related factories and research facilities

Subsidies for new local employers of five or more employees and fixed assets 100 million yen or more
Subsidy Rate and Limit: 5% of fixed assets with a limit of 200 million yen


       Subsidy Rate     Limit
 New local employer of more than 10 people with fixed assets of 300 million yen or more         5%       500 million yen
 New local employer of more than 20 people with fixed assets 2 billion yen or more        10%      one billion yen
 New local employer of more than 50 people with fixed assets of 3 billion yen or more        20%      1.5 billion yen





Employment Promotion Project


System Overview 700,000 yen per new employee for companies that receive the above subsidies
Subsidy Limit 60 million yen




Project for the Promotion of Venture Company Commercialization


 Subsidy Eligibility hiring of 1 to 3 new employees
 Subsidy Limit 4 million yen


Project Overview Support for new or expanding venture plants

 - Hiring of 3 or more new employees

 - Businesses with joint research projects with higher educational institutions in the prefecture such as Tokushima University or tenant support for entrepreneurial support facilitie

Subsidy Limit 20% of required expenses with a limit of 8 million ~ 20 million yen





Contact Information


□Futuristic Industry Division

 Commerce, Industry and Labour Department

 Tokushima Prefectural Government

 1-1 Bandai-cho, Tokushima City, 770-8570 JAPAN

 TEL:+81-88-621-2121  FAX:+81-88-621-2897


□Tokushima Industrial Promotion Organization

 5-8-8 Minami-suehiro-cho, Tokushima City, 770-0865 JAPAN

 TEL:+81-88-654-0101  FAX:+81-88-653-7910