What is the LED Valley Initiative?


Tokushima, The Prefecture for LED 

Tokushima prefecture has created the LED Valley Initiative in December 2005. It was created to accumulate the LED lighting industry, which is the light source of the 21st century. This industry is maintained by highly skilled and well-trained engineers working in well-maintained factories and laboratories conducting more research and development of LEDs.
In 2010, the number of LED-related companies has reached 100. Known for conserving energy, these companies are in LED lighting, sign and display, parts and devices, plants, image processing, illumination among many others in different fields.


LED Valley Initiative Plans


Main Objective: Accumulation of the LED lighting industry, the light source of the 21st century
1. Things to be organized (2010)
(1) Promoting the Initiative
 - Organizing the network structure
 - Organizing specialty groups
(2) Making LEDs well-known for Tokushima
 - Sending and receiving information
 - Community development
(3) Promoting the industry
 - Labs and new market development support
 - Human resources and trainings
 - New product development and promotion
 - Coordinators
 - Appealing and promoting
 - Assistance systems
 - Deregulation
(4) Organizing infrastructure
 - Maintenance of roads, harbors, airports, factories, etc.
 - Organizing human infrastructure
 - Maintenance of labs

2. Goals by 2015
(1) Advanced LED development region
The world's most advanced engineering development and invention region with many factories and labs with highly skilled and trained workers
(2) Lighting-related industrial area
The industrial area of many lighting-related companies and factories including materials and finishing products
(3) Distribution area for lighting-related products
Distribution area for shipping lighting-related products
(4) Eco-friendly area with the nature
Creating a carbon-dioxide reduced town with LEDs
Becoming the “Eco-friendly Tokushima”