The Next Steps of the LED Valley Initiative


The LED Valley Initiative's Next Step Plan

The LED Valley Initiative's Next Step Plan was created to make our LED-related industry bigger as Tokushima's major industry in four years from 2011 to 2014.


Promotion of the Next Step

The three strategies below are central in the improvement of the LED industry, as well as the 100 LED-related Companies Plan completed in 2010 and Synergy Effect of those companies.


1. Development and Production Strategy: Tokushima will be the Center of LED Development by supporting high quality LED development and production
2. Brand Strategy: Tokushima will be known for the LED by providing safe, trusting, and high quality designs to the world to be coined Tokushima Quality
3. Marketing Strategy: Positive Marketing by supporting LED-related companies' sales and marketing



The Scheme of the Next Step Plan

1. Development and Production Strategy


(1) Technical Support

a.Organizing an Evaluation System for LED-related Products

Organizing an Evaluation System for LED-related products in a public research lab institution that offers Total Support of LEDs of developing, producing, testing and evaluating LED-related products

b.Joint Development with the Industrial Technology Center

Joint development with LED-related companies in Tokushima to develop better LED products


Click here for more information on the Industrial Technology Center's development support plans


c.Tokukshima Industry-Academia Collaboration Research

Tokushima Industry-Academia Collaboration Research started in April, 2011, for related companies to have technical support of development and production of LED products






(2) Advanced Research

a. Sharing Researches

Sharing LED-related research between university labs and LED-related companies to improve research and development

b. LED Life Innovation

Sharing medical research and agricultural projects of Tokushima University with LED-related companies to improve Tokushima's LED industry



(3) Creating Technologically Original LED Products

a. Structuring LED Related Companies

Sharing information and technology with other LED related companies to cover several fields, including agriculture, to create advanced products


b. New LED Field Research

New field, consider the development potential of LED application products in niche areas, prototype performs development, etc. along with the dig theme, and promote the development and market introduction of products aimed at the differentiation.




c. Improving skills and ideas/inspirations

Holding LED Specialists' Workshops by LED specialists from all over Japan to improve related companies' skills and ideas/inspirations

d. Providing a new lifestyle

Tokushima providing a new lifestyle through LED lights to have a safer life prepared for natural disasters



(4) Supporting the Manufacturing Industry

a. Promotion of New LED-related Products

Providing LED-related product ideas to the manufacturing industry to create a new LED related field


b. Working with the Agriculture Field (LED Lighting Effect)

Tokushima Agriculture Promotion Discussion by industry and academia to improve the Agriculture-related LED field




2. Brand Strategy


(1) Tokushima LED Certification System

Organizing the Tokushima LED Certification System using the Prefectural Industrial Technology Center's LED Products Evaluation System to create the Tokushima Brand




(2) Organizing LED-related Intellectual Properties

Supporting related companies by organizing intellectual properties


(3) LED Lighting Events

The objective of Tokushima to be known for LEDs starts by supporting the 88 LED Illumination Sites and LED Art Festival


Click here to see the chart of the 88 LED Illumination Sites

Click here to see more information on LED Art Festival




(4) LED Community Development

Creating a safe town/community by proudly using Tokushima's Multi-function LED Disaster Prevention System developed by the industry-academia collaboration, LED Pedestrian Traffic Light Bulbs developed by Tokushima prefecture, Tokushima Police Department, and related companies, and the first LED Tunnel Lighting used in Japan.


    Click here to see more information about LED Community Development


(5) LED Education

Providing LED-related education to children through workshops and competitions




3. Marketing Strategy

(1) Improving Marketing Skills

Supporting related companies' marketing by providing workshops and LED marketing related information


(2) LED Products Showcase

Two LED Product Showcases located in Tokyo and at Tokushima Prefectural Industrial Technology Center to support related companies' marketing


   Click here for more information about the showcase in Tokyo

   Click here for more information about the showcase at the Industrial Technology Center in Tokushima




(3) Public Use of LED Lighting

Using LED Lighting in public places, including Tokushima Prefectural Office, to ensure the quality and to promote the products


(4) LED Products Promotion at Events

Promoting LED-related products at events all over the world