LED Valley Initiative’s Promotion Council


LED Valley Initiative's Goals

LED Valley Initiative’s Promotion Council

The LED Valley Initiative’s Promotion Council with its industry-academia members started in 2006 to connect different fields, such as the industry field, universities, government, to improve the research development, training workers, and organizing related companies to make the LED industry bigger. The Tokushima LED Brand Department and the Industrial Promotion Department further discusses agendas brought up by the council.  

Industrial Promotion Department

Overseeing the research development, production, and worker training for the LED industry with members of related company owners and university professors

Tokushima LED Brand Department

Overseeing community development to promote Tokushima as the center of LED products and research and development

LED Valley Initiative’s Promoting Coordinator

Coordinators organize industrial promotion
Coordinators duties:


    1. Connecting companies, government, and universities
  2. Supporting LED-related products technologically
  3. Visiting LED-related companies
  4. Promoting the LED Valley Initiative through workshops and forums