The Making of our LED Town


■Becoming an Environmentally Friendly and Disaster Risk Reducing Town■

Tokushima prefecture is working with LED-related companies and the government to be an environmentally friendly and disaster risk reducing town using the LEDs.



Environmentally Friendly (Generating, Storing, and Conserving Energy) System

Tokushima Prefectural Office


Tokushima Prefectural Office is proud to be using an environmentally friendly system of solar energy (Generating Energy), high quality lithium ion batteries (Storing Energy), and LED lighting (Conserving Energy), which all save a lot of electricity. The solar panels installed on top of our employee covered bicycle parking lot generate electricity, which is stored in the lithium ion batteries to be used at night by LED night street lights. This system allows us to have stable LED lighting even without provided electricity, such as during a natural disaster.  



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Multifunction Disaster Risk Reducing System

Southern Tokushima Disaster Prevention Center

The Multifunction Disaster Risk Reducing System, which uses solar energy, lithium ion batteries, and LED lighting, is being studied and tested at several places in Tokushima through collaboration between industry and academia. In the case of a disaster, the stored energy can be used to receive disaster information and to charge computers or phones for emergency use. This system will provide a safer and secured environment during possible future disasters.



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LED Traffic Lights


LED Traffic Lights

Tokushima was the first prefecture in Japan to have started installing LED traffic lights in 1994 and was the first in Japan to have replaced all arrow traffic lights with LED lights in 2012. The invention of Special LED light bulbs for pedestrian traffic lights by a project group in some companies in Tokushima, Industrial Technology Center, and Tokushima Police Department (2010 Environment Minister Award) made it possible for Tokushima to also replace all pedestrian traffic lights with LED lights in July, 2013, for the first time in Japan.



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Tokushima-Made LED Road Lights

LED Road Lights

LED road lights, developed by LED related companies in Tokushima, are being tested in Tokushima to ensure the road safety while keeping a low maintenance cost by applying the efficient and long-lasting LEDs.



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Replacing All Tunnel Lighting with LEDs

LED Tunnel Lights

Tokushima is testing whether or not replacing lights with LEDs in tunnels for the first time in Japan. If test results reveal its necessity, Tokushima will replace all these tunnel lights with LEDs, leading the way for other prefectures to follow.



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88 LED Illumination Sites

Ushiki-joshi Park[Anan city]

To go along with the famous pilgrimage of 88 temples around Shikoku Island, which includes Tokushima, a LED promotional idea of 88 LED illumination sites has been adopted in Tokushima. 54 LED illumination sites out of the 88 had been officially registered as of March, 2013. Tokushima is hoping to see more people enjoy these beautiful 88 LED Illumination Sites with newer illumination sites to come in the near future.


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