LED-related research and human resource development



Formation of advanced LED-related research and development areas

In Tokushima Prefecture, LED-related research and human resource development have been actively carried out in public research institutions and higher education institutions.

Tokushima Prefectural Industrial Technology Center

Tokushima Prefectural Industrial Technology Center

LED-related companies and the Total Support Base

In the fiscal year of 2011 the Industrial Technology Center introduced the Light Distribution Measurement apparatus and the Total Luminous Flux Measurement device. There were considered core performance evaluation systems and the largest in western Japan. Our consistent support from planning to the development of products based on these performance evaluation systems are part of the Total Support Base.
In addition, an LED project team was established to provided support for the development of LED-related products in line with the needs of the corporate sector.


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Promoting the commercialization of LED-related products

Applications from companies for research and development of LED products

Technical assistance to commercialization

(LED project team)

Fiscal year 2011: 8 themes

Development products    

LED insect traps

Insect Trap(Mushitorikko)

[Earth Bio- Chemical Co., Ltd.]

Door character that emerge

[Tanaka Wood Industry Co., Ltd.]


LED coaster「Hikari-kun」

[Awa Giken (YK)]



Tokushima University

The University of Tokushima

Establishment of the first Optical Engineering Department in Japan

Tokushima University established its Department of Optical Engineering in 1993. Since then they have been graduated many distinguished students into optical electronics industry. In addition, the university has contributed to continuing education by strengthening of the manufacturing sector through human resource development through its Industrial Human Resources Training Courses which aim to work actively towards technology development of local business owners.
    The university is also promoting its LED Life Innovation Project in which the university has taken part in research and development in the fields of medicine and agriculture. We attempt to better understand LED’s influence on life itself through the elucidation of mechanisms and the development of basic technology, as we aim to expand the applications of LEDs and transfer technology outside the organizations to companies in the prefecture.

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Anan National College of Technology


Anan National College of Technology

LED-related technician training course

From the fiscal year of 2012 and taking advantage of the school’s practical educational resources, the college has offered training courses targeting those with interest in businesses and technology related to LEDs. The course centers on learning a wide range areas from the measurement of various properties of the LED to the experiments of applications of LEDs in specific cases. Students also acquire the know-how of controlling and creating LED products. The course trains engineers in mastery of LED-related technology, and aims to contribute to the region’s base of knowledge; the LED Valley Initiative promoted by Tokushima Prefecture to revitalize the local economy.

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